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Dina Painter

Dina Painter

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Keller Williams

Clock is Ticking


Timing is very important.

The sooner you get help, the faster you can be at ease. Whether you are a month behind on your mortgage or several, you have options.

Call today and lets discuss those options.

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Short Sale may be the answer!

The lender does NOT want your house.

The lender does NOT want to foreclose.

Foreclosure is expensive and time-consuming.

Here we provide you with other options!

If you are in a situation where:

  • You lost your job
  • Your Medical Expenses are too high
  • Just went through/going through a divorce
  • You are behind on your payments
  • You have no equity
  • You can't afford the cost of selling your home

WE CAN HELP YOU! It's easy and doesn't cost you any MONEY!

I am a licensed Realtorģ that specializes in avoiding foreclosure. We will NOT buy your home, but will assist you in selling your home quickly. The lender will cover all closing costs including realtor commissions. We can make selling your home MUCH EASIER FOR YOU and lift much of the financial burden off your shoulders-- OUR SERVICE DOES NOT COST YOU ANY MONEY!!!


One way we can help is with something called a SHORT SALE.

A short sale will help you:

  • Avoid Foreclosure
  • Avoid Bankruptcy
  • Protect your credit
  • BE FREE of financial and emotional burdens!

I am a professionally trained real estate agent and I know how to make a settlement with your lender. This process is called short sale. You can sell your property and lift the financial weight off yourself. Best of all with a short sale my commission will be paid by the bank, so you wonít have any out-of-pocket expense!

A Short Sale requires a trained professional who is a specialist in this type of real estate deal and can provide the path for a successful transaction. I know what your entitlements are - so does the lender but they won't tell you. Regardless of your current situation, I can assist you through this, so call me today to help you find a solution! You have options which can enable you avoid foreclosure proceedings and escape the 10 year scar it will leave on your credit, therefore, your future. Stop the inevitable and donít face Foreclosure IF YOU DONíT HAVE TO! Donít wait for the nasty letters and collection calls to begin. Let ME handle YOUR lender!


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